Post Summit Survey

Good Morning!

The Promise of Hospitality Summit may now be over but the insights gained and friendships created live on!

It was a wonderfully energetic past weekend where all of us deepened our understanding of Hospitality and are excited about continuing dialog and future events!

In the interest of reflecting on our shared experiences and so that we can work to improve the next Summit (2014), we have constructed a brief post-Summit survey we would like to invite you to complete.

The survey takes about 5-10 minutes and your honest feedback will be a valuable asset as we move forward. All responses are confidential and are not personally identifiable.

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Finally, we would like to thank everyone that attended any portion of the Summit, to all those that gave their precious time and energy to help organize and support all of the events and also a deep expression of gratitude to all of the generous supporters!

Stay tuned to the website for future announcements!

All the Best,

- The Steering Committee

The Summit Program: The Promise of Hospitality



Flyer for Hospitality Summit 2013

Summit Program

This first annual summit of the Hospitality Initiative represents a true innovation in contemporary multi-faith discourse:  a bringing together in a common setting disparate voices from both inside and outside the religious world to establish a new environment for authentic spiritual engagement.  Focused specifically on both the academic and religious communities, this program investigates the promise of hospitable transformation that emanates from the formative institutions that shape modern American life.

Friday, May 3

7:15-8:30pm             Keynote address by Professor Richard Kearny, Boston University:  “The Promise of Hospitality in a Multi-faith World”

 8:30-9:15pm             Q and A with Professor Kearney

Saturday, May 4

8:30-9:00am  Gathering in 156 North Foundation Hall, Oakland University (coffee and bagels provided)

9-9:10am  Welcome (Charles Mabee, President of the Hospitality Initiative)

9:10-9:15am  Opening (Olaf Lidums, Vice-President of the Hospitality Initiative)

9:15-9:40am  Introduction to the morning sessions by Mr. Sergio Mazza “Hospitality:  The Promise for Business in a Multi-faith World.”

9:40-10:05am  “Hospitality and the Modern Business School” (Dean                                    Mohan Tanniru, Oakland University School of Business)

10:05-10:30am    “Educating for Hospitality” (Dr. Richard Pipan, Oakland University School of Education)

10:30-10:45   15-minute Break

10:45-11:10am    “The MALS History and Hope Class at OU” (MA Oakland students)

11:10-11:35am    “Mimetic Hospitality,” by Abbot Andrew Marr,” the abbot of St. Gregory’s Abbey, an Episcopal Benedictine monastery in Three Rivers, Michigan.

11:35-11:55am  Panel Q and A

11:55-Noon  Morning Wrap-up Statement (Olaf Lidums)

Noon-1:00pm                       Lunch Break

1-1:05pm  Opening Remarks on “Hospitality and the Ancient Religious Traditions” (Kevin Hickey)

1:05-1:30pm             Address by Dr. Sandor Goodhart, professor of English and Jewish Studies and former Director of the Jewish Studies Program at Purdue University

“The Promise of Hospitality:  G/hosts, Guests, Strangers, and                                                 Enemies in a Multi-faith World”

1:30-1:50pm “Holy Breads” (Lynne Golodner, author of The Flavors of Faith:  Holy Breads)

1: 50-2:10pm  “Hospitality in the Islamic Tradition” (Imam Achmat Salie)

2:10-2:30pm  “Hospitality in the Jewish Tradition” (Gail Katz and Rabbi Dorit Edut)

2:30-2:50pm  “Hospitality in the Christian Tradition” (Dr. George Alcser)

2:50-3:10pm  “Hospitality in the Baha’I Tradition” (John Suggs)

3:10-3:25pm    15-Minute Minute Break

3:25-3:45pm  “India: Hospitality in a Multi-faith Land (Padma Kuppa)

3:45-4:05pm  “Hospitable Insights from the American Hindu Story”                                                                (Vineet Chander)

4:05-4:25pm    “Hospitality in the Unitarian Tradition”  (Rev. Dr. Kathy Hurt)

4:25-4:45pm   Panel Q and A

4:45-4:55pm   Afternoon Wrap-up Statement/Directions to the Dinner at First Congregational (Kevin Hickey)

5:20-6:25pm             Dinner at First Congregational Church, Rochester.

6:30-7:30pm                   “Song and Spirit” performance

7:30-7:50pm              “Mormonism and Hospitality” (Karin Dains)

7:50-8:10pm             “Buddhism and Hospitality” (Kevin Hickey)

8:10-8:30pm            “Hospitality Workshops”  (Olaf Lidums)

8:30-9pm                 Panel Wrap-up

7:00-9:10pm             Play presented by Full Impact Theater at FCC:  “The Good                                        Person of Szechwan” (Bertolt Brecht) (Cancelled)

Note:  The venue for the dinner and evening program is  First Congregational  Church, 1315 North Pine, Rochester Hills, MI (48307).

Sunday, May 5          2-4pm/Next Steps Meeting at St. John Fisher Chapel

On the HIway …

During the midst of a cold January in Michigan, the folks at the Hospitality Initiative are staying warm by beginning a series of hospitality workshops in various religious communities in our area.  Beyond facilitating hospitality in these houses of faith, the experience is meant to attract new ideas and perspectives from the real life experience of faith.  It is one of the ways that we understand ourselves as a “learning organization.”  In that spirit HI has participated in workshops at the Sterling Heights Gurdwara Sahib in Sterling Heights, and Central Woodward Christian church in Troy.  We have already been greatly enriched by these experience, and are preparing for the next experience in March at First Congregtational Church, Rochester Hills.  Here are a couple of candid photos of the experiences…

Image                                          The “opening” at Central Woodward

Image 1 John invoking hospitality at Sterling Heights Gurdwara Sahib under Olaf’s watchful eye

Next Interactive Hospitality Workshop

When?   Saturday, March 16, 9am-Noon

Where?  First Congregational Church / Rochester Hills

1315 North Pine Street Rochester Hills, MI 48307



Topic:  “Hope Beyond Boundaries.” 

Get in the flow and join us as we explore together such themes as “connecting to the inner stranger,” “welcoming volatile ambiguity,” “the value of enstrangement,” “hospitality as baseline for welcoming the religious other,” “listening for the more than,” and other innovative topics designed to bring fresh awareness to both our outer religious world and inner spiritual lives.

POH Folks … our study group on the Pedagogy Of Hospitality

The Hospitality Initiative is in the midst of a year-long launch of its “pedagogy study group.” Here is a candid picture of three members of the pedagogy team taken at our common hospitable meeting site–St. Luke’s United Methodist church, Rochester Hills, MI, afforded us by our gracious hosts and pastor, Dr. Julius Del Pino.

photo                                       An “historic” early meeting of  POH folks

l to r:  Dr. Richard Pippan (school of education/OU), Gail Katz (founder of WISDOM, and executive director of the World Sabbath project), Kevin Hickey (Buddhist monk), Barbara Clevenger (Unity pastor), Dr. Charles Mabee (executive director of HI), and John Suggs (Chrysler engineer, and national Baha’i/interfaith activist).

Since Dr. Olaf Lidums was missing from this photo, he can be seen here in his usual animated style, paving the way for a more hospital discussion in a recent meeting:

20130124_102315 copy 3

The next meeting is Thursday, February 28, 9-11am; the meeting place is St. Luke’s United Methodist church.  We will begin our discussion of the book Radical Hospitality,” by Michiganders Lonni Collins Pratt and Father Daniel Homan (now deceased, formerly a monk at St. Benedictine Monastery in Oxford, MI).  The book is available from Amazon, and suggested by Barbara.  The group is composing an “interior narrative” of the pedagogy of hospitality (see link on right-hand side of this page) that will serve as a component of Summit2013, May 3-4, 2013 where  Dr. Richard Pipan will present the findings of the year-long study group, in addition to shared his own greatly treasured individual insights based on his work as professor of education at Oakland University.

Why “hospitality”?

We define hospitality in this way:

the creation of a welcoming and open space into which the stranger is invited for physical nourishment and spiritual nurture without prejudice or moral judgment–a place where they may be themselves, share their convictions and tell their stories with the host response of deep listening and creative empathy.”

The spirit of hospitality is uniquely captured in this short account given by Janet Wrobleski in her little introduction to the field, The Limits of Hospitality: 

“Can Ani stay here?” he asked me.  “Sure,” I responded.  “Who’s Ani?”

We believe that hospitality, born in the depths of spiritual wisdom, is assuming a welcoming posture before understanding, and is thereby uniquely empowered to transform conflict, misunderstanding, and the axis points of human culture.  In this spirit, the Hospitality Initiative appears at a transformational moment in human history to gather the wisdom of the past and to facilitate and educate all who are open for the future potential of the human experience.